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Message from the Worshipful Master, Shillong Lodge 61
Greetings Brethren All.

     It is a matter of immense joy and pride for me
as Worshipful Master of Lodge Shillong No. 61, GLI,
that Shillong has been chosen as the venue for the
forthcoming Half Yearly Meeting of the Regional
Grand Lodge of Eastern India.

     As the light dawns in the East to mark the
beginning of the day in the East, so was Freemasonic
Light lit, in this part of the country first. We, as
Freemasons, must be grateful to those who laid the
foundation for Freemasonry in this country at Fort
William. We are also highly obligated to the great
men and visionaries who brought Masonic Light to
the north-eastern part of India during that time.
Believe you me, Brethren all, when I say that, the
seed that was sown during that time has gradually
taken its roots firmly now, and it has surely sunk
into the hearts of men and thus ‘borne fruit a
hundred-fold’, as we say at the time when a Lodge
is duly consecrated.

     I, as Worshipful Master, consider it a special
privilege to convey this message of good wishes and
fraternal love to all my dear Brothers who would be
attending the Half Yearly Meeting on the 18th and
19th of August, 2018. Therefore, the only message
I would like to send across to all of you is a simple
and candid one…  “COME AND EXPERIENCE THE

     Shillong Lodge No 61 with it glorious 110-year
past, welcomes you to the mystic and serene beauty
of Shillong.   Shillong beckons you to its majestic
waterfalls, whispering pines and the green and
mystic hills of Meghalaya. I assure all of you and I
am quite confident that we shall leave no stone
unturned in making sure that your experience
during your visit here will be surreal.

     It is the need of the hour to be cohesive, to
strengthen the bonds amongst ourselves like never
before, and sprinkle love and strength which flows
from the Brotherhood, in a way that the insidious
forces may thus be nullified forever.

     Looking forward to meeting each and every one
of you all during your visit here in Shillong. I am
sure that with the efforts of my Organising
Committee, the upcoming Meeting will be a super

Fraternally Yours,

W. Bro. Shakti Laitphlang,
Worshipful Master,
Lodge Shillong 61

  Shillong Lodge #61, 2018